it can be as personal as you like, as long as it is intentional...

it can be as personal as you like, as long as it is intentional…

Interpreting the essence to create ‘a perfect place’.
Meeting someone for the first time, we innately interpret their compatibility with us on many levels. What is it about that person that we respond to, and how do we render a value of that for us to make judgments about?
For me to design a space for someone, I like to spend time observing the activities that person engages in day to day. What does she require to ponder and reflect, relate to others, create? Who are her mentors and peers? When is she in the flow, and expressing her passion and truth? What is she here to communicate? How is her sense of self , and what fosters her growth?
Our external space is only a reflection of our internal self. We all view of our world through layers of personal experiences, beliefs, values and perceptions, both current and past tense. As we allow this view to be updated and let go of views that we realize are no longer reflective of who we are today, an amazing transformation can occur.
When that expansion happens within us, we allow it to occur around us. This may translate into a shift in our friendship circle, a change of workplace, relocating to another place to live, a change of pace and certainly a new way of relating with others and ourselves.
Creating an ideal workspace involves allowing ourselves to be in harmony with our expression and our spirit. Many of us have experienced a workplace that has conflicted with something within us. We have come to realize what circumstances don’t bring out the best in us. At a time in my life where I can invest more in expressing my passion, Creating Harmonious Living Spaces, I know where I need to be and with whom I want to surround myself. Opportunities that expand my potential are visible and accessible more than ever before.
Why? My workspace is welcoming and the structure and decor reflect my personality values. It nurtures and expands relationships. My Studio is my think , banter and creative space. It is my action platform and where I feel most in the flow. It is my resource centre and grounding place. The energy within it and around it supports and empowers me.
My studio is a constant source of insight and gratitude, while in constant flux and evolution. It accumulates and disseminates information and ebbs and flows with the cycles that are the power of natural order. It is a work in progress, as am I. A blank canvas of opportunity and potential in every moment; plugged into that ultimate universal power source that is abundant and eternal.
The spaces I have had the privilege to co-create with others, have all been transformed with intentional guidance. The results are immeasurable yet palpable and the impact is immediate. Using colour, texture and the conscious placement of furniture and décor pieces, we create a brand new view of your world.
Many of us spend a significant of our waking time in our workspace.
If your external world is in harmony -you feel peace and calm.
If your external world is in emotion -your body will reflect this emotion and internalize it.
If your body is subjected to positive emotion -it will respond positively and productively to it.