Sally began her business Creative Harmony Design for Living in 2006, after completing her Interior Design and Feng Shui studies. She feels though, that she has been walking this path and interpreting and influencing energies as long as she can remember. Sally’s life experiences have given her an intimate knowledge of the challenges and possibilities in making a house a home. “Walking into any space, I immediately develop a sense of its value and the issues that I feel may be limiting it’s potential. The ways we design our living environment can immeasurably define our view of the world.” Sally uses her creative energy and insight to enhance lifestyle potential. Guiding her clients through an intentional process, captures and expands their imagination and creates a functional inspiring space by making space make sense. Sally is a Dynamic Speaker on a wide range of Design and Feng Shui topics. She adds tremendous value to any event by sharing her expertise. Sally consults with a team of creative technicians to bring her concepts to reality ~ Audrey

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Sally speaks about her belief that “Life teaches us all we need to know … How we responds is our choice..”

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Decluttering your life ~ one step at a time

How is it that we accumulate so much? As we begin to realize that we are a reflection of our experience, being human certainly evokes some interesting interior, landscape and lifestyle design possibilities. We come into this world with an agenda. This is different for each of us. Although you may at times find yourself […]

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51 plus 65

I’ve been listening to a lot of people lately; thank you for your richness and passion stepping back into garden mode with Costa, (note to self to do this more often!) I’m reminded of what it is I want to harvest tomorrow, and what I need to invest in this moment to make it happen… […]

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51 plus 64

The freedom of conscious choice (and a cute cat!) in Harmony

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51 plus 62 b

Such is this truth regarding all judgement ~ what have we dismissed by perceiving someone as being unworthy of knowing them better… Thank you Mr Hoffman, I’m enticed to see this movie again in Harmony

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51 plus 62 a

Thank you Mr Disney, you have a perfect line for every occasion / situation… ? in Harmony

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51 plus 61

The power is in the knowing I can choose an alternative at anytime …. ? in Harmony

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51 plus 60

Just navigating it from an alternative perspective  in Harmony.  

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51 plus 59

The paradox of the human experience… ? in Harmony

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Welcome to …

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Making Space Make Sense

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51 Plus

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