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51 plus 65

I’ve been listening to a lot of people lately; thank you for your richness and passion :) stepping back into garden mode with Costa, (note to self to do this more often!) I’m reminded of what it is I want to harvest tomorrow, and what I need to invest in this moment to make it happen…

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51 plus 64

The freedom of conscious choice (and a cute cat!)

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51 plus 62 b

Such is this truth regarding all judgement ~ what have we dismissed by perceiving someone as being unworthy of knowing them better… Thank you Mr Hoffman, I’m enticed to see this movie again :)

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51 plus 62 a

Thank you Mr Disney, you have a perfect line for every occasion / situation… ?

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51 plus 61

The power is in the knowing I can choose an alternative at anytime …. ?

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51 plus 60

Just navigating it from an alternative perspective 

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51 plus 59

The paradox of the human experience… ?

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Making Space Make Sense

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51 Plus

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