take a moment and join me for a chat

take a moment and join me for a chat


Residential Real Estate Marketing Consultations; Home Energy Audit; Residential Remedies; Feng Shui; Intuitive interior, landscape and lifestyle design; Landscape Energy Audit; Landscape Design in Harmony;

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Consultations; Workplace Audit; Commercial and Corporate space design; Commercial Space Energy Audit; Dowsing;

Reiki; Body Energy Readings; Clarity Consults; Team Building Events; Group Events; Speaking Engagements

Creating Harmony by making space make sense

Creating Harmony by making space make sense

Welcome to Our Space @ Creative Harmony Design for Living.

While you are here, you can explore interesting updates and insights relating to a range of ‘space’ related topics including:
* How aspects of a space for a Commercial Business matter
* Tips and strategies to consider when selling or purchasing Commercial Property
* How you can get the best out of Leasing a Retail, Office, Industrial Space
* Intuitive and Feng Shui Design enhancing everyday life
* How to identify and remedy areas of a space that may limit potential
* Interior Design solutions that support your Creative Spirit
* Landscape Design ideas and concepts for Residential & Commercial application
* How to navigate the necessary conversations with contractors, planning officers, consultants and others so that together, we make your space make sense. 

At Creative Harmony Design for Living, we offer:

*Residential Interior Design Solutions
There are few families now who live 25 years+ in the same home. Factors such as employment opportunities and lifestyle preferences, are very much influencing our choice of location, as well as the style and size of our home at different times in our lives. Do we ‘start again’ with new furniture and accessories, each time things change?

*Commercial Interior Design Solutions
When you are on a budget to fit-out your new commercial space, and you know it needs to accommodate a range of functions, we will sit with you and identify what needs to be prioritised and how to achieve your ideal layout.

*Landscape Design Solutions for Commercial and Residential Applications
We are appreciating more and more that ‘curb appeal’ is important particularly when we are looking to ‘add value’ to the property and/or the streetscape.
It defines our property’s point of difference especially when we are advertising it as a service or business destination. We help you identify options and easy to implement simple solutions to reflect what the space is about, and will clearly communicate your message, arousing enough curiosity for people to connect with you.

*Concept to Reality Design Packages for your New Build and Refurbishment Projects.
So often costs come in cheaper when we calculate a renovation project versus a new build option. By listening to your ideal requirements, we create a checklist of pros and cons, that will empower you to make the most informed decisions you can make.

*Feng Shui Consultations/ Energy Audits
There are many reasons why someone might feel challenged in their home, workplace, garden or community place. During a consultation we hone in on what the triggers are, and then determine a solutions to remedy the experience/ relationship. Many aha moments come from bantering out these issues with someone who will guide you through an intentional process around the impact our spaces have on our psyche. Your heightened awareness frees you to enjoy our surroundings by making some simple changes. Consultations in your space always include a physical shifting of the ‘stuff’. Experiencing the contrast of before and after, will reassure you that there is always a way forward.

*Clarity Consultations
Many of our beliefs around our experiences by their very nature have a ‘use by date’. There are defining moments when our experiences become palpably unsatisfying. This is a great thing, as it means that our internal radar is functioning as it was designed. Life has a way of presenting opportunities for a reboot. It is often helpful to share your story with someone who offers a safe space to effect the change you are now ready to embrace. Getting clear is liberating when the time is right.

*A range of Workshops
covering Feng Shui, De-Cluttering and Lifestyle solutions for your home, work and play space. These often intimate gatherings offer a safe, fun and often enlightening experience where truth reveals through guided banter. Once we are in awareness, change occurs effortlessly. Workshops are an affordable way to breakthrough blocks to permanent change for the better.

*Sally’s unique style of Speaking on a wide range of Lifestyle, Change, Design and Feng Shui topics, will add immense value, and an incredibly empowering dimension to any event.

‘Sally guides her clients through a deliberate process, expanding their imagination while creating a functional yet inspiring space, that totally supports their creative vision.’ ~ Audrey

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